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Celebrating Black History Month with Black-Owned Cannabis Brands in MA

As a woman and black owned dispensary, The Heritage Club stands as a beacon of diversity and inclusivity in the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. We take pride in blazing new trails for groups who have been historically, and unfairly, oppressed by cannabis legislation. Therefore, in celebration of Black History Month, we’re taking the time to share some love with our favorite black owned cannabis brands in MA.

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Look for These Black Owned Cannabis Brands in MA

Freshly Baked Company

Freshly Baked has some of the most highly sought-after cannabis edibles in the state. Renowned for its artisanal approach, the Freshly Baked Company crafts premium edibles that provide a delightful fusion of flavor, potency, and quality in every product. A few picks to watch for include Cosmic Cranberry and Pineapple Mango gummies, as well as cannabinoid-infused Wellness Patches.

Freshly Baked Pineapple Mango Gummies Product Image


Aruna is one of the most recognized black owned cannabis companies in the state when it comes to high-quality flower. The brand stands out with its commitment to sustainable and organic cannabis cultivation and by producing strains that prioritize both wellness and the environment. Aruna offers an elite collection of high-potency strains, such as Milk & Cookies, Super Silver Haze, and Rainbow Belts.

Inspire by Montel

Founded by Montel Williams, Inspire focuses on wellness-driven cannabis products to support the everyday needs of the average consumer. Inspire works hard at promoting a holistic approach to health and self-care with cannabis vape carts made with major and minor cannabinoids. You’ll see vape cart picks from this brand like the 1:9 CBD:THC Energy and Calm 1:1:1 with THC, CBG, and CBD.

Khalifa Kush

Curated by rapper Wiz Khalifa, Khalifa Kush is celebrated for its signature cannabis strains, many of which are brought to life purely because they offer consumers the best possible experience. Additionally, the brand strives to cultivate one-of-a-kind strains rich in terpenes you can’t find from anyone else. Strains like Khalifa Mints are only available bearing the Khalifa Kush name.

Papi Cannabis

Owned by David Ortiz, Papi Cannabis blends authenticity with excellence in every product they make. With a range of cannabis products that reflect a deep understanding of consumer preferences, Papi has a reputation for providing some of the best pre-rolls in MA, as well as premium vape carts modeled after famous strains.

The Best Dirty Lemonade

Some black-owned cannabis brands focus all their efforts on crafting one type of product and making that product something anyone can appreciate. The Best Dirty Lemonade is the perfect example. This fresh, THC-infused lemonade has all the classic lemonade flavor you crave with fast-acting THC in the mix.

The Best Dirty Lemonade Product Image

Celebrate Black History Month with a Visit to Boston’s Black-Owned Dispensary

The black community has faced so much adversity when it comes to cannabis. However, change is here, and we’re all leading the way. So many diverse individuals are shaping the positive future of cannabis.

During this Black History Month, we invite you to not only explore exceptional black-owned cannabis brands in MA but also join us in celebrating the richness and resilience of the black cannabis community. Embrace the spirit of inclusivity with The Heritage Club, where diversity is not just recognized but celebrated. Be sure to take a look at our menu online where you can sort the menu to find products made by black-owned companies in the state.

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