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At The Heritage Club, we strive to create the most seamless and enjoyable cannabis shopping experience in Boston. Our main goal is to make our customers and patrons comfortable with their cannabis purchase – whether it is their first time or the first time this week.

Our commercial building is zoned and located towards the back of a parking lot and is in a convenient and easily accessible location. The building’s footprint is around 3,000 sq ft.

Benefits of our convenient location:

  • Very close to transit
  • Dedicated customer parking
  • Standalone building for increased security
  • Ample waiting room to minimize queues

Our open retail layout allows ample space for social distancing, crowd control, and efficient flow of customers. Our retail store is simultaneously an excellent place for medical patients, newbies to recreational cannabis, and cannabis connoisseurs.

Regardless of what brings you in, at The Heritage Club, we listen and care, and we never make you feel dumb or silly; we just encourage.

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