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Embracing Cannabis as an Alternative to Dry January

cannabis as an alternative to alcohol

The new year is here and this is the time that many people jump on the Dry January trend. Taking a month-long break from alcohol is common after all of the holiday parties and family gatherings. But as the world embraces Dry January, we’ve witnessed a fascinating trend: 1 in 5 participants are turning to cannabis as an alternative to alcohol.* 

Cannabis Over Alcohol

Surprisingly, more people are choosing cannabis and CBD products over traditional alternatives like non-alcoholic beverages, soda, seltzer, and kombucha. This shift is particularly popular among young adults, with 34% of those aged 21-24 opting for cannabis during their alcohol-free month. As more states legalize marijuana, many people are choosing cannabis over alcohol and certain prescription drugs. The perceived safety of cannabis compared to alcohol and tobacco is a contributing factor to this shift.

cannabis as an alternative to alcohol

A Safer and Positive Choice

Surveys have shown that Americans believe cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana is often considered more favorable for its positive impact on both individuals and society compared to alcohol. Federal studies also suggest that states with legalized marijuana experience lower rates of alcohol use disorder.

Economic Impact and Tax Revenue

Beyond personal choices, cannabis has a substantial impact on the economy. States like Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Illinois have generated more revenue from marijuana sales than from alcohol or cigarettes. Access to cannabis is not only an economic opportunity but also aligns to reduce the use of more harmful substances.

Health and Wellness Focus

For those exploring Dry January, health considerations play a vital role. Cannabis, unlike alcohol, offers a range of effects without the drawbacks of hangovers, empty calories, or long-term health risks. Recent studies also highlight the potential of cannabis as a substitute for pain medications and opioids. The cannabis benefits are multifaceted.

cannabis as an alternative to alcohol

How to Make the Switch

If you’re contemplating a cannabis-infused Dry January, there are a few options to explore. Whether you want a prolonged, relaxed experience or a short, uplifting moment, cannabis can be tailored to your preferences. 

  • Discreet Choices: Edibles and vaping products offer a discreet experience with minimal aroma.
  • Customized Effects: Cannabis provides a spectrum of effects—uplifting (Sativa) for social events or relaxing (Indica) for unwinding.
  • Different Consumption Methods: Edibles offer a prolonged experience, while inhalation provides immediate effects, allowing you to gauge consumption easily.

This is the start of embracing the evolving world of mindful choices. If you want to discover a world of possibilities that align with your health and well-being goals, cannabis may be the alternative to your Dry January journey. Cheers to a month of clarity, self-discovery, and positive alternatives! 

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