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Best 4/20 Deals in Boston at The Heritage Club

Are you ready for 4/20 in Boston, Massachusetts? With some of the best cannabis in New England, we certainly have a lot of reasons to celebrate good weed this April 20th. At The Heritage Club, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to pull together some of the best 4/20 deals imaginable. So, as you make plans for celebrating weed on its special day, you’ll want to plan a visit. Get a closer look at 4/20, what 4/20 means, and how to get the best 4/20 dispensary deals below.

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What Is 420 Exactly in the Cannabis Culture?

While 420 is a term that has been in use in the cannabis culture for decades, it is a phrase that was kept under wraps and used as more of a code word for weed for a long time. People would often use “420” when they were either planning to smoke weed or looking for weed. Today, 420 is also an unofficial holiday: April 20th or a day set aside specifically for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy, advocate for, and celebrate cannabis.

The phrase 420 is speculated to have meager origins. The story goes that a group of friends began meeting up daily at 4:20 pm to smoke weed. They started using the secretive moniker “420” to refer to their activities since weed was still illegal in the 1970s. The phrase eventually caught on, and many people started using 420 in the same way. Later, the phrase was even used by the Grateful Dead, major publications, and other large entities, which solidified 420 even further.

Check Out the 4/20 Dispensary Deals in Boston

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The Heritage Club is making big plans to make sure customers have the best 4/20 ever in 2024. From special savings on the top cannabis strains in Boston to hard-to-pass specials on your favorite pre-rolls, edibles, and more, there will be something for everyone on the menu. A few of the best 4/20 deals you can expect to see at our Boston dispensary include:

Be sure to check in on our online menu for all the latest details about the 4/20 specials we’ll be adding as the time draws near.

Looking for a Way to Make 4/20 in Boston Even More Fun?

420 in Boston offers a lot of good ways to celebrate the holiday for weed. Celebrate 4/20 in style by embracing the vibrant cannabis culture and indulging in some fun activities. Gather your friends for a backyard barbecue complete with cannabis-infused treats and refreshments and share stories about all the love of good weed. It may be a good time to whip up a batch of Choco-Canna Banana Bread!

Another good way to spend 4/20: going on a spring nature hike while indulging in a relaxing smoke session. Be sure to check out the spots to enjoy cannabis responsibly in Boston. Organizing a cannabis-themed game or movie night with your closest pals for an entertaining night at home could also lead to a memorable 4/20.

For a more adventurous celebration, consider exploring cannabis-friendly events in your area or the surrounding states. For example, a lot of people head to DC during 420 week for the annual National Cannabis Festival. Alternatively, grab your favorite pre-roll or edible and try your hand at a cannabis-inspired art project or craft session to unleash your creativity and express yourself through various mediums.

Shop the Best 4/20 Sales at The Heritage Club in Boston, MA

When it comes to celebrating cannabis, Boston MA 4/20 is bound to be something to appreciate, especially with a visit to The Heritage Club to kick off the celebration. Our dispensary will be open late all weekend to make sure every cannabis enthusiast has access to the finest cannabis and cannabis products in town. Also, if you are in a rush to get to 4/20 events, don’t forget, you can place your order online, and we will have it ready to go when you arrive.

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