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The Best Vape Carts in Boston (2023)

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Looking for the best THC vape cartridge Massachusetts has to offer? If you’re in Boston, you’re in the prime position to truly get your hands on the finest specimens. Check out our picks for the best vape carts in Boston below.

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Top 5 Best Vape Carts in Boston

1. Strawberry Cherry Gelato Live Resin Cart from Cresco Labs

  • THC: 75.5%
  • Lineage: Hybrid

A hybrid strain often described as a sweet treat, the Strawberry Cherry Gelato vape cart from Cresco Labs is easily one of the best THC vapes in Boston. This vape has notes of citrus, floral, and fruit, and the effects are just as delicious. This vape is a go-to for people looking to give their mood a boost or kick stress to the curb.

2. Berry Haze Disposable Vape from Fernway

  • THC: 88.59%
  • Lineage: Indica-leaning

The Berry Haze disposable vape from Fernway is a true example of what the brand does best. Fernway is known for highly potent, absolutely pure, single-cannabis-strain vapes modeled after classic and sought-after strains. Berry Haze is all berries and gassy sweetness with just enough peppery spice. The effects of Berry Haze come across immediately with an intense tendency to wander into creative thoughts and drift off to sleep soon after.

3. Super Lemon Haze Cart from Electric Underground

  • THC: 84.85%
  • Lineage: Sativa-leaning

If it’s energy you’re after, the Super Lemon Haze vape cart from Electric Underground is one of the best vape carts in Boston. Just enough tartness, and the right amount of sweetness, Super Lemon Haze tastes a lot like lemon candy. Plus, a few hits of this vape, and you’ll be ready to tackle whatever the day may bring. The effects are energetic and uplifting with a little giddiness bubbling beneath.

4. Sunset OG from High Supply

  • THC: 74.90%
  • Lineage: Indica-leaning

High Supply is highly regarded for bringing to life some of the best cannabis strains and vapes in MA. The Indica-leaning Sunset OG vape cart from High Supply consistently gets high remarks. Sunset OG explodes with tropical flavor saturated with diesel and chemicals. The effects can only be described as happily relaxed.

5. Masshole Mango Haze Disposable from Nimbus

  • THC: 85.90%
  • Lineage: Sativa-leaning

If you prefer the best disposable vape pen Boston has available, you really can’t go wrong with any pick from Nimbus. However, the Masshole Mango Haze vape pen is always a bestseller. With a hard-hitting punch of tropical sweetness and citrus, this vape is full of flavor. Plus, Masshole Mango Haze sends you straight on a trip to physical and mental serenity with a nice dash of energy.

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