With the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts, we have heard a lot of stories about pets and marijuana. In other words, their dog is getting high. Local veterinarians are referring to this as “pot dog”. While it sounds funny, marijuana toxicity in pets is an important issue that can lead to health risks and even death in our furry friends. 

Pot Dog.

It’s important to note that marijuana toxicity can apply to all of our pets, but we are typically referring to dogs as they are known to get into marijuana-infused treats, such as gummies and brownies. It can lead to severe complications when dogs ingest products with concentrated cannabis, like edibles made with cannabis-infused butter.

What Are The Signs?

Pets that have ingested marijuana typically exhibit certain telltale signs. These common signs include, “dribbley urine,” stumbling, being easily startled without stimulation, and appearing half-napped while awake. Although fatalities from marijuana ingestion in pets are rare, they can happen if a pet consumes a substantial amount of it. So if it happens, be honest with your vet to ensure the proper treatment is given to your pet. 

Size Matters

In this case, it is the size of the dog that matters. Smaller dogs, like Yorkshire terriers or chihuahuas, tend to be more judgemental when it comes to their treats. However, a larger dogs like a labrador or german shepard, may eat whatever they can find given the situation. Due to that, if both a small dog and large dog were to eat the same edible, the smaller dog would be more severely affected due to its smaller size. Personality traits, like curiosity and food drive, also play a role in if the dog seeks out these snacks. 

Prevention Is Key

The best thing you can do as a pet owner is to ensure all of your cannabis prodcuts are secure and out of reach out of your pet. Keep products up high or in locked containers, similar to how you would keep them away from children. However, you know your dog best so be sure to keep their curiosity in mind. 

As a pet owner, you have to remain vigilant and take steps to prevent these accidents from happening. By recognizing the signs of marijuana toxicity, practicing responsible pet ownership, and keeping cannabis products safely stored, we can ensure our furry friends remain safe and healthy.

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