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Our Black Owned Dispensary in Boston

Have you heard the news? At The Heritage Club, we’re changing the narrative about cannabis. As the first female and black owned dispensary in Boston, we take our position in the industry seriously. Our founder set out on a mission from the beginning to provide safe cannabis in a welcoming environment and work toward eliminating the stigma associated with cannabis and people of color. Find out more about our dispensary, our mission, and how we’re making a difference in the community below.

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Meet Our Founder and CEO – Nike John

Our CEO and Founder, Nike John is a Boston native, as well as the youngest dispensary owner in the area. Nike recognized that she didn’t see many people who looked like her in the cannabis industry and set out to change that. Not only did she bring The Heritage Club to life in 2019, but she also has taken great strides to reinvent the idea of what a cannabis dispensary can do for the surrounding communities. Nike has made waves in the cannabis industry, having been featured on MassLive, CBS Boston, Heady Vermont, and more.

Nike John, the Founder of The Heritage Club

How We Make a Difference as a Black Owned Cannabis Dispensary

Removing the Stigma Around Cannabis and Color

For many years, people of color have suffered more intensely from the negative stigma associated with cannabis. The War on Drugs predominantly affected Black and Brown individuals, many of whom remain behind bars for cannabis-related crimes. Through education about cannabis and its true value, we work hard to break down those dated ideologies and misbeliefs. These misleading ideologies have led to negative connotations associated with cannabis and all people, especially people of color.

Giving Back to the Community We Serve

As a black owned weed dispensary, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to make a difference in our surrounding community. Not only is making a positive impact important to us, but we also know the importance of showing how valuable marginalized-owned businesses can be for everyone. We have remained motivated to give back in every way that we can by staying involved with community organizations and leaders to best understand what needs exist and how we can help meet those needs. A percentage of our proceeds even goes to the Lost Village Community Trust, and The Heritage Home Foundation is a home-buyers assistance program created by our founder.

Making Every Cannabis Consumer Feel Safe and Welcome

By building a strategy to educate customers about cannabis and make them feel comfortable, we have created a safe space for all customers. We’ve embraced diversity in our establishment, right down to supporting other black-owned cannabis businesses in Massachusetts like Rove, Freshly Baked, and Ebony and Ivory. Our goal is to provide everyone with a place they can go to ask questions, find safe products, and feel confident in their purchases.

Visit the Black Owned Dispensary Boston Is Proud to Have

We’re happy to be part of the Boston cannabis industry, and even more happy to serve our customers. If you would like to support a black-owned dispensary, be sure to stop by or explore our menu at The Heritage Club.

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