Whether you’re exploring Cannabis for the first time or want to sample a new strain without a big commitment, prerolled joints and blunts can be the perfect solution for you.

Let’s start from the top: what is a preroll?

A preroll is a Cannabis joint that has been assembled prior to being sold. This means that the Cannabis flower (the part of the plant that is most commonly smoked) has been ground, rolled, fitted with a filter, and packaged for simple consumption. Prerolls are easy to use, and are a great option for novices and experts alike.

How does a preroll work?

Prerolls are a straightforward, beginner-friendly weed smoking method. They’re already rolled for you (hence the name, “preroll”), so you can enjoy straight out of the package—all you need is a lighter!

You can buy a preroll individually or in multi-packs depending on your preference. The size of the joints can also vary, but are often in the range of 0.3g to 1g. Once you’re ready to smoke your preroll, light the pointed tip of your joint, take a few small puffs, and once fully lit, you’re ready to enjoy! You can put it out and relight whenever you’d like, so you have the freedom to decide how much or how little to smoke at one time. You’ll know the preroll is finished when it’s been smoked down to the filter, so once done, simply throw it away!

What are the benefits of prerolls?

Many of us learned the hard way—rolling a joint requires a bit of finesse. Not only that—to roll your own joints effectively, you’d need to buy additional tools such as a grinder, rolling papers or cones, filters, and a packaging tool. And even with the tools, you’re still relying on your ability to roll a good joint.

Badly rolled joints can waste good flower, so whether you’re a beginner, have reduced fine motor skills, or are just in a hurry, prerolls are ready at a moment’s notice and can make sure you’re taking advantage of every last microgram. 

With a preroll, you know exactly what you’re getting. Each preroll is weighed to ensure a consistent amount of weed is used in each, and unless you’re using a kitchen scale every time you roll a joint, this is much harder to replicate at home.

When purchasing a preroll, you can buy individually or in multi-packs depending on your preference, which gives you the ability to sample a new strain, brand, or simply see if they’re a good fit for you!

How do prerolls compare to other Cannabis products?

In the wide world of Cannabis, prerolls are one of the easiest products to use. They are stored at room temperature, don’t need to be cleaned like pipes or bongs do, and a lighter is the only accessory you need!

Prerolls are slightly more expensive than buying Cannabis flower alone, but this cost is offset by the savings of not having to buy accessories. The lack of tools required also makes prerolls one of the most portable Cannabis products.

Where can I buy prerolls?

An experienced budtender can help you out! The Heritage Club has experienced professionals that can help you identify the best preroll option for you. If you are over 21, call us at (617) 440-2762, contact us online, or stop into our store and our highly knowledgeable staff can help you out. 

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