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Things to Do in Boston in the Fall

Boston in the Fall

Pumpkin spice and wood smoke are wafting in the air. The Boston Red Sox are playing their last games of the season at Fenway Park. And the local foliage is transforming into a spectacular site. Sounds like fall is well on the way, and there is no better place to be than Boston in the fall. While there are always things to do in Boston, autumn brings a new chill to the air and many new ways to appreciate Beantown and all its charm. Check out the best things to do in Boston in the fall below.


Boston in the Fall

What to Do in Boston in the Fall

1. Find a Fall Festival

Some would say there is no greater way to experience the personality and uniqueness of Boston than heading to one of the many festivals. From Cambridge and Charlestown to Rockland and Somerville, you’ll find a slew of autumn festivals on the calendar of events throughout September and October. The Boston Public Market’s annual Harvest Party and Fall Fest at Kendall/MIT Open Space are a few local favorites. However, you’ll also catch live music events, the Dumpling Festival, and much more.

2. Go On an After Dark Ghosts and Graveyards Tour

If fall has you in the mood to do something a little spooky in lieu of Halloween, you’ll definitely enjoy one of the ghosts or graveyard tours in Boston. There are a handful of companies that offer these tours, and some of them take place after the sun dips below the horizon for an even bigger creepy factor. One of the best tours of this nature is the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour, which takes you to some of the most haunted places in Boston. There’s even a ride on a Trolley of Doom complete with jump scares and tons of fun.

3. Take a Stroll on Boston Common

Boston Common is a 44-acre tract of land that provides an enchanting spectrum of colors throughout the fall. The Common is lined and dotted with hundreds of trees, including stately oak and maple trees, elm trees, and chestnuts that all put on a unique coat before the onset of winter. Boston Common is part of the much larger Freedom Trail. So, you have an easy paved path to walk through the area and can choose to navigate much further if you choose. Something you don’t want to miss in the fall is the Central Burial Ground of the Common—a historical graveyard that becomes coated with colorful leaves in the latter days of fall.

4. Spend Some Time in Boston’s Public Garden

Boston may be an urban area, but green space is never far away. The Boston Public Garden sits right in the city’s center and transforms into a stunning spectacle of natural autumn beauty in the fall. The park itself has its own pond and scenic walkways that lead you through many tree species, both native and imported. However, periodically during the fall you can also catch swan boats available and paddle your way across the water in what feels like anything but being in the middle of the city. Additionally, the park is known to have a beautiful collection of fall-blooming rose varieties.

5. Check Out the Boston Duck Tours

Boston Duck Tours takes you on a historical tour of Boston by both land and water, which is unique in itself. However, booking one of these tours in the fall adds a new layer of interest to the adventure. You’ll take an interesting, sometimes even comical tour of Boston’s streets and neighborhoods, see historical landmarks, and get the stories behind them. The end of the tour ends with the amphibious tour vehicle or WWII “DUCK” slipping right onto the waters of the Charles River for even more exploration.

Autumn in Boston

Plan a Visit to The Heritage Club to Start Your Autumn Exploration

People tend to fall in love with Boston, and if you visit Boston in the fall, it’s easy to understand why. As you make your way to the area for leaf-peeping in one of the nation’s oldest cities, be sure to stop in and see us at The Heritage Club. Our Boston dispensary is located conveniently in Charlestown and provides one of the finest collections of cannabis flower, edibles, vapes, and other products in the state. Don’t forget, you can order online for quick pick-up along the way.


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