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Blazing a Trail to Treasure

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Quick Guide to Your Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

Decode the Riddles: Each riddle points to a must-visit spot in Boston. Solve them, navigate through the city, and discover the treasures each location holds!

Capture Lions and the Moments: Validate your visits! Snap a photo at each destination to prove your puzzle prowess and immortalize your adventures.

Repeat & Revel: Solved, visited, snapped? On to the next! Keep the momentum going, your rewards await at the end!

Scavenger Hunt Map

Tap on the map to reveal your riddles and kickstart your adventure through each hidden Boston gem!

Submit Your Entry

Have you solved the riddles, explored the spots, and captured each moment? Fantastic! Now, upload your photos and share your journey with us to validate your expedition. By submitting your entry, you’re one step closer to potential prizes! Don’t forget – Entries are only valid if you subscribe to our newsletter. 

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