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Celebrating 420 with The Heritage Club

Join Our Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

Welcome, Adventurers, to a unique journey through the heart of Boston! We're thrilled to invite you to join 'The Heritage Club Scavenger Hunt Adventure' in celebration of four twenty. Your adventure won't just be a pursuit of points but a journey through stories, community spirit, and shared joy. Each participant brings us closer to reflecting the unity, diversity, and vibrant spirit we cherish at The Heritage Club.

How to Participate

  • Register: Ensure you’re registered by subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Solve Riddles: Navigate through Boston, deciphering our crafted riddles to discover each hidden location.
  • Collect Points: Earn points through solving riddles, visiting locations, and sharing your journey on social media.

Points System

Get ready to collect points and aim for fantastic prizes during your scavenger hunt adventure! Here’s how you can rack up your score!

  • 10 Points: Successfully visiting a location and submitting a photo as proof.
  • 5 Points: Sharing your adventure on social media! Use the hashtag #HeritageClubLionHunt

Tiered Prizes

Tier 1: The Bounty Hunter

  • Criteria: The first person to reach the highest points.
  • Prize: Puffco Peak (retail value $250) and 1 pair of Heritage Converse sneakers (retail value $95)

Tier 2: The Grand Trapper

  • Criteria: The second person to reach the highest points.
  • Prize:  1 pair of Heritage Converse sneakers (retail value $95)

Tier 3: The Green Lion Gurus

  • Criteria: third to fifth highest points earners.
  • Prize: $75 gift card to the shop

Tier 4: Budding Explorers

  • Criteria: sixth to seventh highest points earners.
  • Prize: Heritage Rolling Tray and a pipe.

Bonus Prize: The Social Voyager

  • Criteria: Most Engaging & Creative Social Media Post using #HeritageClubLionHunt
  • Prize: Heritage t-shirt and $25 Tavern at the End of the World Gift Card


Safety is paramount during any photo scavenger hunt.

Here are some essential safety rules and guidelines for organizing a fun and secure photo scavenger hunt in the beautiful city of Boston:

Team Safety Briefing:

  • Before starting the hunt, gather all participants and provide a safety briefing.
  • Remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to respect private property.

Traffic Safety:

  • Follow ALL traffic and driving rules during the hunt.
  • No speeding or reckless behavior.
  • Be cautious when crossing streets and intersections.

Respect for Others:

  • Respect people’s right to choose whether or not to help you.
  • Teams must be courteous and respectful to their teammates and anyone else involved in the scavenger hunt.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Ensure that participants know how to respond in case of an emergency.
  • Know the location of nearby emergency services, such as hospitals, police stations, and fire departments.

Weather Considerations:

  • Check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.
  • If the weather is extreme (e.g., very hot or stormy), consider trying another day.

Photography Safety:

  • Remind participants to focus on safety first while taking photos.
  • Do not put yourself or others at risk for the sake of a picture.
  • Avoid dangerous locations or situations.

Equipment Safety:

  • If participants are using smartphones or cameras, remind them to handle their devices carefully.
  • Avoid running or moving too quickly while carrying equipment.

Reporting Incidents:

  • In case of any accidents, injuries, or safety concerns, participants should immediately report them to the designated team leader or organizer.
  • Have a contact number available for emergencies.

Remember, the goal of the scavenger hunt is to have fun and capture memorable moments. By following these safety guidelines, everyone can enjoy the adventure while staying safe! 📸🌆

ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON, Photo ID required at pick up, pictures cannot be reused.

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