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Knowing how to roll a joint is a skill every cannabis smoker should add to their repertoire. Once mastered, the joint is a very convenient way to consume marijuana, making it a great choice for those who wish to enjoy the flavor of flower. It’s portable, burns nicely when lit, and allows for a smooth delivery. We could spend the next page talking about how great joints are, but the purpose of this piece is to teach you how to roll your very own joint.

What materials do I need to roll a joint?  

 Firstly, it’s important to make sure you have all of the materials you will need to create your marijuana masterpiece. You’ll need rolling papers that will form the outer layer of your joint, a filter (otherwise known as a crutch), a grinder or scissors, and of course the most crucial ingredient – Marijuana flower.

 Rolling papers come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and even flavors. They can be bleached or natural without any additives and can be made from various materials such as hemp, tree pulp, bamboo, rice, or even flax. Feel free to grab a couple of them and find out what you like best. If you’re brand new to joint rolling you might want to consider buying a cone or joint roller / press. These are just rolling papers that are pre-shaped into conical joints, with a crutch already attached at the end. If you opt to buy a roller, these require a bit of maintenance and we recommend the products in the link below.

 What’s this crutch thing you keep talking about? It’s essentially a filter but it has the added benefit of giving some extra stability and structure to the joint. It allows you to smoke the joint until the end without scorching your fingers and potentially ruining a perfectly good manicure. If you’re in a pinch, you can also cut off an inch or so of the cardboard flap of the rolling paper packaging, roll it to the appropriate size of your joint and insert. This filter also helps keep the weed where it needs to be in the joint so you don’t end up with rogue shake in your mouth – nobody likes surprise Scooby snacks. You can use stiff but thin pieces of paper called filter tips. 

 The beauty of rolling your own joint is that you can choose whatever weed you want and add it to your grinder. The possibilities are endless. Make sure the weed is evenly and roughly ground and chopped down. This goes without saying but remove any seeds or stems from your weed, as you don’t want to smoke those bits.

Steps for how to roll a joint

Now that you’ve gathered your ingredients. It’s time to set your mis en place and begin twisting up.

Begin with about a 1/2 gram of bud that has been roughly ground / chopped down and 1¼ (or preferential sized) rolling papers. This amount should be manageable and you can always scale up how much weed and size of papers as you fine tune your craft.

Step 1 – The Crutch: Make and add your crutch to one end of the rolling paper, making sure it is the same thickness as your joint.

Step 2 – Fill it: Start filling your joint in with the ground up green. Lift up the paper with your hand and hold it between two fingers. Start adding pinches down the length of the paper making sure it’s even. The more you add, the more packed it will be.

Step 3 – Roll it: Catch the edge of paper closest to you and start to pinch and roll between your fingers until you have a cone shape.

Step 4 – Twist it: Close it up by tucking the unglued side of the paper underneath the roll, roll again and use a bit of moisture to activate the glue side down by licking it.

Step 5 – Pack it: Pack it with a bit of additional weed to make sure it isn’t flimsy towards the tip so you get a nice even burn, lightly pressing down at the loose end (opposite your crutch).

Step 6 –  Secure it: Twist the loose end of the rolling paper to ensure your ganja is secure.

 Step 7 – Light it: Light up and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Ready to Roll?

You’ve learned the craft, now it’s time to create! Discover our curated selection of rolling supplies and premium marijuana flower at The Heritage Club. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned roller, we’ve got you covered. And for those who prefer a ready-to-enjoy option,  come check out our selection of pre-rolls.

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