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How to Grind Weed With or Without a Grinder

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uanarijLearn how to grind weed with and without a grinder.

For new or experienced smokers alike, the question of how best to enjoy your weed is always on your mind. If you’ve taken the time to choose the right flower, then you want to get the most enjoyment or benefits from it.

Once you have the flower, your next step to enjoying cannabis is grinding your weed. 

How to grind weed with a grinder

If flower is your preferred method of partaking, it’s worth investing in a good grinder. It can help you make the most of your flower. Grinders are available in a variety of materials and sizes for every budget.

Two- and three-piece grinders simply grind and store your weed. Four- and five-piece grinders include kief catchers. The four-piece grinder is the most common.

Use a grinder for weed:

  1. Load the grinder: remove the lid, break the nugs into smaller pieces and layer them evenly in the teeth. If your grinder has a magnetic closure, keep the very center clear of bud. Leave out seeds and stems.
  2. Grind the weed: put the lid on and gently twist the grinder. Seven to ten twists should grind all the bud to a fine consistency that falls into the collection chamber. You’ll eventually determine how fine you prefer your weed and how many twists it takes.
  3. Remove the weed: Carefully unscrew the top layers to open the chamber where the ground weed is collected. Use it or store it for later.
  4. Collect the kief: If you have a four- or five-part grinder, the kief catcher is the bottom chamber. Kief is a name for dried trichomes that break off when you grind the flower. Trichomes contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other good plant components. When you’ve collected enough, you can add it to bowls or joints or decarboxylate it for edibles.

Grind weed without a grinder:

If you don’t have a grinder, you can break up your weed with almost anything handy, like keys, scissors, a cheese grater, and even your hands. A coffee grinder is especially good for consistent, finely ground weed. The catch is that whatever you use will get a sticky buildup from the trichomes. If you use it often enough, it’ll also start to smell like weed. A weed grinder will also get sticky, but it’s small, easy to clean, and nobody minds if it smells like marijuana!

Why is grinding weed an important step to smoking weed?

While grinding  isn’t necessary to enjoy smoking it, grinding it gives you an overall better experience for several reasons:

  • It’s faster, easier, and cleaner than using your fingers or kitchen utensils.
  • It’s easier to roll and makes smoother joints or blunts that burn evenly.
  • Smaller pieces of uniform size allow the weed to burn more completely.
  • More exposed surface area results in more trichomes vaporized.
  • Ground flower packs better.
  • Efficient capture of kief for later.

What happens if you don’t grind weed properly

You don’t have to grind before smoking it, but if you don’t, your joints and blunts may not burn evenly, your bowl may get clogged, and you won’t get the full benefit of all the trichomes.

Weed just burns better and smokes smoother when you grind it first.
And after all, we all want the best experience possible! Now that you can grind your flower, check these blogs on How to Roll a Joint and How to Smoke a Joint Like a Pro.

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