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It used to be much harder to judge how long a weed high would last. Experienced smokers could try and guess the strength of a bud by looking at it and smelling it. But going by sight and scent alone is not an exact science.

Things have become easier since shops started displaying the exact THC content of their products. However, it is advisable to start slowly if you are new to cannabis.

In this article we’re going to help you understand how long your weed high will last.

Knowing how long a weed high is likely to last makes it easier to plan your day. You might want to time your high for maximum enjoyment. Or perhaps you need to do something later in the day which you don’t want to be too high for.

What are the factors affecting a high?

There are over 113 compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids. The one which makes you feel high is Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

The cannabidiol or CBD elements which are widely used for wellness do not get you high. In fact, they can help to counter any negative effects from consuming THC.

Various factors will determine how long your cannabis high will last. These include:

  • How much you consume
  • The method of delivery (smoking or edibles)
  • The percentage of THC it contains
  • Your bodyweight
  • Your tolerance
  • Whether you have eaten
  • Your metabolism

What’s the science behind a high?

A study published by the University of Sydney in 2021 looked at the effect of cannabis on driving. Researchers found there’s a ‘window of impairment’ which last anything from three to ten hours, depending on the dose of THC, how it is consumed and the consumer’s previous experience with cannabis

Most cannabis users recovered their driving ability within five hours of inhaling 20mg of THC. People who consumed the same dose orally took, on average, eight hours to get back to normal. That means that the effects of edibles will usually last longer, so if you regularly inhale your THC, consider a smaller dose if you’re seeking a similar timeline.

How long will I be high for after consuming cannabis?

The average recommended THC dose is 10mg to 20mg a day.

Smoking or vaping gets you high most quickly. You will start to feel the effects most strongly after ten minutes. The high usually lasts for one to three hours, but effects can remain for up to eight hours.

Eating cannabis by consuming edibles (like cookies, candies or gummies) gets you high more slowly but the effects can last much longer. It can take two hours for the high to be at its peak. The effects of the weed might last up to 24 hours.

A low dose of THC in edibles would be 2.5-5 mg. The average dose is 10-15mg. A high dose, only recommended for experienced users, is 20mg.

Think about the activities you have planned for the day. Do you want to enjoy a quick buzz while you get ready? Then try inhaling your THC so you can leave refreshed. Looking to curl up and hunker down for a rainy day? Try an edible to increase the length of your high.

How to decrease a weed high and sober up

If you are feeling a little too high, or at all anxious and paranoid, there are a few actions you can take.

One option is simply to go to sleep. This will give your body a chance to process the weed so you can wake up feeling better.

Alternatively, take a shower or cold bath to help you to feel more alert and refreshed.

Some people claim that eating lemon peel or infusing it in hot water and drinking it can reduce a high. Another popular food to try is black pepper because of the caryophyllene compound. Sniff some black pepper or chew on some peppercorns.

Another product which may help is CBD. Even though CBD also comes from cannabis it can calm you down and counter the high from THC.

Now that you understand a little more of the science behind your high, hopefully you can carefully run your own tests to find the perfect dosage for yourself!

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