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How Cannabis is Helping Boston Residents Sleep Better

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, quality sleep often takes a backseat, which can greatly impact our overall well-being. As more Boston residents are juggling career, family, and other commitments, they are looking for ways to improve their sleep and overall health. That’s where cannabis, a natural sleep aid, comes in. As awareness grows about the side effects of various sleep medications, more individuals are seeking natural sleep supplements. Read on to discover the benefits of using cannabis for sleep and to learn about the best natural remedies for insomnia available at our Boston dispensary.


Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in Boston

There have been various studies on insomnia and sleep issues in Boston, which point to the startling reality that insomnia affects a large portion of the population. According to a Massachusetts General Hospital study on sleep disorders, “roughly one-third of adults have difficulty falling or staying asleep or find themselves waking up too early on a regular basis.”

While many of these people who are affected turn to conventional sleep medications, they often come with limitations and side effects. For instance, those with severe insomnia may not respond to medications or behavioral treatments according to the study. 

As we learn more about the effects of insomnia on our health and well-being, more Boston residents are seeking out natural sleep remedies and more holistic approaches to help them improve sleep disorders. 


Types of Cannabis for Sleep

When it comes to using cannabis for sleep, not all strains are created equal or have the same benefits. It’s important to know which strains of cannabis are suitable for aiding in relaxation, preventing insomnia, and encouraging better sleep. 

THC and CBD are the two main components of cannabis, each playing unique roles. THC is more well known for its sedative properties, while CBD has more relaxing effects. 

According to, while THC can have a stimulating effect on some, especially those new to using cannabis for sleep or those taking higher doses, CBD tends to promote sleepiness when taken in larger doses. Both THC and CBD can assist individuals with chronic conditions that affect sleep and lead to insomnia. 

It’s important to understand the nuances of both THC and CBD, as well as how timing and dosage influence the relationship between cannabis and sleep.

There are also various strains of cannabis, each with its own unique benefits. You can learn more about these different strains in this guide. Indicas, for example, provide a full-body feeling of relaxation, making them excellent as natural sleep aids.  


Types of Cannabis Products for Sleep

Boston dispensaries offer a range of cannabis products designed to aid in sleep, including edibles, smokables, and tinctures. Each of these cannabis products has its own set of benefits.

Edibles are excellent because they’re easy to consume, don’t require additional accessories, and are discreet, making them ideal for microdosing or sampling. Moreover, edibles tend to be potent, with the effects lasting longer and taking longer to wear off. Bedtime Betty’s Raspberry Creme Fruit Chews and Sleep Midnight Blueberry Gummies are some of our favorite natural sleep supplements from our Boston dispensary. 

Smokables, like Chocolate OG and Nightcap, offer quick relief and a high within minutes. However, they are less discreet in comparison. 

Cannabis for Sleep Success Stories and Testimonials

For those exploring natural sleep aids and considering cannabis for better sleep, it’s encouraging to hear that numerous Boston residents have experienced significant improvements by integrating cannabis sleep aids into their routines. According to, as many as 85% say it improves their sleep.”


Here are a few real-life testimonials from our customers: 

“Perfect for helping me slow my brain down after a long day and get some sleep.” – Chocolate OG 

Betty is my hero. These little globs of goodness have given me better sleep than I’ve had in years.” – Bedtime Betty’s Raspberry Creme Fruit Chews

“Amazing for insomnia!” – Sleep Midnight Blueberry Gummies


Using Cannabis For Sleep

Cannabis offers multiple benefits as a sleep aid and a natural remedy for insomnia. It’s essential to research to identify what’s tailored to your needs, considering the appropriate dosage and timing. Always use cannabis responsibly, and consult with a healthcare provider to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

If you’re searching for high-quality cannabis products to assist with sleep, visit The Heritage Club – Boston dispensary and ask our friendly staff to help you find what you need!



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