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Cheap Weed Vapes: $30 Vape Carts in Boston

These days, smoking cannabis is something of an old-fashioned habit. While there’s nothing wrong with smoking a joint, it’s hard to do so discreetly, especially when you’re out in public (like at an event or party). Instead, vape cartridges offer a much smoother and more convenient way to get high without attracting attention.

For that reason, many dispensaries offer top-tier weed in vape form. However, because these carts use such high-quality strains, the price can be pretty high. If you’re looking for cheap weed vapes near me, The Heritage Club in Boston may be the best option.

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How Much Do Vape Pens Usually Cost?

Boston is no stranger to cannabis culture, and there are plenty of dispensaries where you can find vape carts. However, for one gram of cannabis, you can expect to pay at least $60 to $70, depending on the strain. Some dispensaries may even charge more for premium weed, so it pays to shop around for the best deals.

Where to Find the Best $30 Vape Cart Deals

The Heritage Club in Boston offers a wide selection of vapes, including cheap THC disposable vapes and premium, high-class reusable carts. Since most one-gram cartridges cost around $60, it makes a huge difference if you can find one for $30 instead. Here’s a breakdown of the different vapes you can find at or around the $30 price point:

  • Strawnanna Dream (0.5 g) from Papi Cannabis – This 50/50 hybrid contains 87.4 percent THC and 0.21 percent CBD. As a hybrid, it delivers a smooth head high that will make you feel relaxed but creatively engaged.
  • Northern Lights (1 g) from Freshly Baked – Northern Lights is Indica-dominant, so it will really help you relax and unwind. The THC percentage is 82.6, making it highly potent for your next chill-out session.
  • Ghost Train Haze (1g) from Freshly Baked – If you want to feel more of a creative buzz, you should take a hit of Ghost Train Daze. This Sativa-dominant strain stimulates the senses and keeps you going for a long time. THC potency is 82.1 percent.
  • REM D9 CBN (0.5 g) from DabFX – As more cannabinoids are discovered, manufacturers are adding them to different products for a comprehensive “entourage effect.” REM D9 helps you feel relaxed with an Indica-dominant strain. Although the THC potency is only 74 percent, this cart has more cannabinoids than most.
  • Jolt D9 THCV (0.5 g) from DabFX – THCV is one of the newest cannabinoids to have its moment in the sun. This Sativa-dominant vape cart has 74 percent THC and delivers a buzzed head high.
  • Berry Haze (0.5 g) from Fernway – If you want something highly potent, Berry Haze has 89 percent THC. This Indica-dominant cart will give you couch lock, so it’s best to use when you have nothing to do but get high.

Discover Cheap Weed Vapes at The Heritage Club

Because vaping is so popular, The Heritage Club offers a wide selection of both half and full-gram cartridges. Whether you’re on the go or trying to get high at home, these carts make it easy to enjoy your habit. Visit our dispensary in Boston or shop online.

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