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Coast Cannabis Co.

The Massachusetts-born Coast Cannabis Co. is a woman-owned cannabis business that works to create high-quality, fair-trade companies that work to provide customers with industry-best edibles and vapes. Customers love that Coast Cannabis Co. offers a variety of options designed for specific needs. Whether you’re looking to get help with sleep, boost your mood, or chill out at the end of a long day, Coast Cannabis Co. has the THC products you’re looking for.

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Coast Cannabis Co:

Product Line

The Coast Cannabis Co. product line includes:

  • Gummies: Available varieties include 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG gummies in tangerine, cranberry-pomegranate, and raspberry lime, 2:1 CBD:THC gummies in cherry, live rosin gummies in tropical punch, and hybrid gummies in sour watermelon and wild berry.
  • Chocolate bars: Available varieties include dark chocolate raspberry, dark chocolate sea salt, milk chocolate peanut butter crunch, white chocolate birthday cake, white chocolate cookies and cream, white chocolate key lime pie, and milk chocolate s’mores.

An important note: reviewers state that the gummy line is super effective, and it’s important to read the label of the product you chose to ensure that you’re getting the effect that you want. If you want to take gummies designed for help with sleep, for example, you’ll want to be sure to stay away from those designed to give you an energy boost. Coast Cannabis products are potent!

Coast Cannabis Co. FAQs

How many Coast Cannabis Co. gummies should I take?

It’s best to start slow! Start with one gummy, wait about two hours, and take additional gummies if you have yet to reach your desired effect.

How does Coast Cannabis Co. source their products?

Coast Cannabis Co. works to create products with fair-trade, ethically grown, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Coast Cannabis Co. Review

Reviewers state that they love the deliciousness of Coast Cannabis chocolate–while they can taste a faint hint of weed, it’s not overpowering. In addition to helping with sleep and mood, many also say that the bars are fantastic for pain management. Fans of the gummy line sing the praises of the 1-1-1 THC-CBD-CBN gummies, saying the combination helps them drift off to sleep quickly, without causing strange dreams or trouble waking up.

Where to Buy Coast Cannabis Co in Massachusetts

Come See Us!

At The Heritage Club, our team is here to deliver an upscale cannabis shopping experience. We’re excited to get to know you and help you find the Coast Cannabis Co. products to meet your needs.

Buy Coast Cannabis Co. at The Heritage Club

Whether you’re visiting Boston or you’re a local, we invite you to stop in at The Heritage Club and check out all that we have to offer. No matter what type of cannabis experience you want to create, we’ll work with you to help you choose the products that will make it a reality. Be sure to ask one of our friendly budtenders to guide you through our range of Coast Cannabis Co. offerings

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