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Cami Flower Cannabis

Cami Flower is a black owned cannabis brand that focuses on making pre-rolled cigars, blunts, and joints for your convenience. Cami Flower only uses whole flowers for its products, never shake or trim weed. This means you get a premium smoking experience that allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to do their thing more easily.

Cami Flower Cannabis:

Product Specs

Cami Flower Product Line

Cami Flower makes three unique products: cigars, blunts, and joints. In each case, the company only uses whole flowers. Other brands like to use shake weed or trimmed buds for pre-rolls, but Cami Flower takes the time to make each roll by hand. Each option can come infused or not, depending on how much you want to get high.


A cannabis cigar is a one-of-a-kind experience. Because there is so much flower in a cannagar, we don’t recommend them for beginners or casual weed enthusiasts. You must have a relatively high tolerance to smoke a whole Camigar, especially one infused with cannabis concentrates.

Part of the secret of Cami Flower’s success is that the company uses high-grade hemp to roll each of these products. The hemp burns smoothly and cleanly, so it doesn’t affect the flavor or aroma of the weed.

Cami Blunts

If you want the experience of smoking a cigar without as much cannabis inside, a blunt is the better option. Typically, blunts are rolled in a tobacco leaf, but Cami Flower uses high-grade hemp instead. The cone shape makes it easy to smoke and share a blunt with friends, especially when you’re at a party.

Cami J’s

Finally, if you just want a simple pre-rolled joint, you can buy one infused or uninfused. The paper used for these joints is also high-grade, so it doesn’t impact the overall smoking experience. Each joint is hand-rolled with a crown at the tip for easier handling and smoking without the risk of burning your fingertips.

Cami Flower Review

Because of the care and attention to detail afforded to all Cami Flower products, customers can’t help but sing its praises. Many experienced cannabis smokers love the Camigars for how long they last. According to one reviewer, “This Camigar is actually the best blunt anyone can have. It literally lasts about 3 days, and I’m a heavy smoker!”

Where to Buy Cami Flower Cannabis in Massachusetts

Come See Us!

Because Boston is such a big city, it’s easy to find Cami Flower products there. However, you can find these blunts, joints, and cannagars in other parts of Massachusetts if you know where to look. Just make sure to call ahead to verify that the dispensary isn’t sold out.

Buy Cami Flower From The Heritage Club in Boston

At the Heritage Club, we’re proud to feature many black-owned cannabis brands like Cami Flower. If you want to support the community, you can buy all kinds of cannabis products, from blunts to vape carts to edibles. We have a wide selection of top-tier products, and we’re conveniently located in the heart of Boston. Pre-order today or stop by to learn more.

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