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Our aim is to integrate cannabis into daily wellness as a trusted and normal practice with products that are easy to comprehend and incorporate into your routine, all while offering the healthiest options available.

1906 is named after the year cannabis was last widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The following year, the Wiley Act of 1907 marked the start of nearly a century of misguided cannabis prohibition, which had devastating effects. We believe it’s time to make cannabis accessible and understandable for everyone—for the greater good (and greater enjoyment).

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Product Specs

Who makes PAX Pods?

PAX Labs–formerly known as Ploom–is a vape company. The company originally developed the Juul electronic cigarette brand. The company released its first herb vaporizers in 2015, and went on to release the PAX Era in 2016.

How strong are PAX Pods?

According to customers, PAX pods are potent–and it’s a good idea to start slow if you’re trying a PAX pod for the first time. We recommend taking one hit and waiting 20 minutes to experience the full effect before taking another hit.

How are PAX Pods made?

PAX pods are filled with fresh pressed live rosin. Just like pressing juice, cold-pressing live rosin allows PAX to offer customers pure cannabis oil without the need for additives or solvents. The materials of the pod itself include food-grade plastic, cotton, a heating element, and gold-plated brass.

How many PAX Pod hits should I take?

As mentioned, PAX pods are strong, and it’s a good idea to take your time when trying one for the first time. Once you take your first hit and wait to feel the effects, go ahead and take another if you’re looking for a more intense high.

PAX Pods Review

Reviewers love the high quality of PAX pods, and that they’re able to trust that they’ll get the same product every time. The vapor of a PAX pod is smooth, according to reviewers, and a hard pull isn’t required. While PAX pods are a little more expensive than other vape cartridges, many agree that they’re well worth the investment.

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