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Cannabis Flower: A Beginner’s Guide

Person holding cannabis flower in a jar.

The purest, freshest weed comes in flower form. 

What is Cannabis flower?

Flower (also known as bud) is the smokable part of a Cannabis plant. Similar to plants like Willow and Kiwi, Cannabis plants are either male or female. The female Cannabis plant is the only one that produces the flowers, while the male plants produce the pollen necessary to create seeds. 

How does Cannabis flower work?

A Cannabis plant begins to flower near the end of its growth cycle. Once fully matured, the flower is harvested, trimmed, dried, and cured. The drying stage is crucial as this is when the THC flower becomes psychoactive. Curing is also vital to the flavor profile and long-term quality.

Cannabis flower is ready to be consumed once the curing stage is complete. 

What do you need to smoke Cannabis flower?

Smoking Cannabis flower does require some accessories, but there are options for any budget or preference. The most popular methods for consuming marijuana flower are joints, pipes, bongs, or vaporizers. Here’s what you need for each method:

  • Joints – For this method you’ll need to grind the flower using a Cannabis grinder, then roll the ground flower into a cigarette-like shape using a rolling paper and filter. Once assembled, all you need is a lighter. 
  • Pipes and bongs – Cannabis flower can be added to a pipe or bong by pulling small chunks of flower off the bud and lightly pressing them into the pipe bowl, then igniting with a lighter. A cleaning solution may be necessary between uses.  
  • Vaporizers – This modern consumption method requires a cannabis grinder to break down the flower before adding it to the heating chamber. The vaporizer will electronically heat the Cannabis, so no lighter is needed. 

What are the benefits of Cannabis flower vs alternatives?

Weed flower is one of the most versatile Cannabis products. It can be consumed in many different ways or further processed into alternatives like edibles. 

Smoking Cannabis flower is a fast-acting method of consumption, which is especially beneficial for treatment of pain, anxiety, and nausea, which can come on quickly. 

Cannabis flower is also typically the most familiar option. Alternatives can require research, dosage adjustments, or new equipment, which can be intimidating. 

How does Cannabis flower compare to other types of Cannabis products?

Other Cannabis products involve concentrates, tinctures, or oils that are derived from the flower. Therefore, flower is the naturally occurring Cannabis product from which other products can be made. 

Cannabis flower is typically less expensive than other products since it requires less processing. However, since other products have been concentrated, they tend to have stronger effects, while Cannabis flower can have a comparatively lower strength and shorter high. 

What are examples of different Cannabis flower strains?

Since flower is a natural part of Che Cannabis plant, any strain on the market is available in flower form. If you’re looking to try some popular varieties, favorites include Northern Lights (a notorious pain-relieving strain), the energizing sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream, and the powerful hybrid Cannabis strain White Widow. 

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